Pain in Bottom Foot: Causes, Treatments and When To Visit a Doctor

Your ft are your trusted automobile to maneuver from one place to a different everytime you need to. Any foot ache can instantly halt your day by day routine and make strolling, operating, and shifting fairly troublesome. Since we make the most of our ft probably the most, we unknowingly handle to place our ft by way of quite a bit by carrying tight sneakers, overexercising, and strolling tough terrains, which might trigger plenty of Ache. 

Nonetheless, typically, underlying circumstances could also be accountable for bringing aches to the underside of our ft. On this article, we have a look at the most typical causes of Ache in backside foot and doable remedies to alleviate the Ache. By the top of the article, you will discover out whether or not your Ache might be decreased with the assistance of dwelling cures or in case you want speedy medical consideration.

Toes are delicate buildings liable to plenty of put on and tear. Whereas our ft might be actually robust and resilient, there are occasions after they quit as a consequence of extra Ache and irritation. Listed below are 10 causes that trigger excessive Ache within the backside foot:

  • Intense bodily activity- 

intense physical activity

intense physical activity

  1. Our ft are delicate, and overworking them can lead to Ache, swelling, and irritation of the tissues. As you might have usually felt on the finish of a protracted hike, your ft will present indicators of swelling and reddening. The Ache concerned might scale back over just a few days with mattress relaxation. 
  2. Ache as a consequence of intense bodily exercise can also be noticed when girls put on excessive heels that add pressure to the ball of the foot. Additionally, when health club goers put on improper-sized sneakers whereas exercising. 
  3. Actions that harm the foot and type tiny fractures within the metatarsal can result in a situation known as Freiberg disease- a cause for extreme Ache.
  • Corn-

    The situation characterised by yellowish callus progress underneath the toes or on the underside of the foot. The callus progress seems most within the areas that rub towards the footwear. Corn is usually noticed amongst adults who stroll quite a bit. The callus grows in layers and accumulates right into a dense internet, inflicting Ache whereas strolling.

  • Bunions-

    Bunion is the misalignment of the toes of the foot particularly seen on the base of the massive toes or the bottom of the little toes. This makes the toes protrude out of their regular alignment. This situation impacts the joints within the toes and happens in females as a consequence of strain on joints after carrying heels and confining sneakers. 

  • Being overweight-

    extra physique weight may cause stress on the joints and muscular tissues of the foot, resulting in Ache within the backside foot. If there isn’t any different underlying situation, until you management your weight, the Ache might persist longer than typical.

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  • Heel spurs-

    A situation whereby a bone grows on the underside of the heel. This bony progress interferes with the fascia muscle within the foot that stretches it to convey Ache and discomfort to the remainder of the foot.

  • Morton’s neuroma-

    This situation happens when two bones of the foot rub towards one another and squeeze the nerves between them. It results in the expansion of tissues across the nerves. It results in swelling between the toes, which is the reason for foot ache. 

  • Plantar fasciitis-

Plantar fasciitis

That is the irritation of the muscular tissues connecting the heel to your toes’ base. It’s triggered as a consequence of intense exercise and standing for lengthy hours. Folks affected by this situation really feel Ache when standing up.

  • Diabetic neuropathy-

    long-term diabetes has the potential to trigger harm to nerve endings. Diabetic sufferers are liable to this situation which leaves them feeling tingling or numbing sensations of their ft. The affected person could also be unable to stroll. 

  • Metatarsalgia-

    an unlucky scenario the place exertion to the toes causes many tiny fractures within the metatarsals, which causes immense Ache within the backside foot whereas strolling.

  • Hammer toes

    are triggered once you put on tight sneakers for weeks and months, leading to bent, curled toes. This stress on the toes applies strain to the joints on the bottom of the foot and prevents you from strolling easily. 

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A lot of the above causes are treatable by dwelling cures and self-care. Even the place Surgical procedure is concerned, your physician will urge you to comply with a number of of the next remedy methods to enhance the situation of your foot and fasten the restoration after Surgical procedure.

  • Self-care:

    • Handle physique weight to place much less pressure in your ft.
    • Use snug footwear when exercising and operating to keep away from curling your toes.
    • Use ice packs to cut back the irritation and swelling within the ft. Ice numbs the Ache to present aid from Ache and chill out the muscular tissues.
    • Relaxation your ft infrequently; they deserve it.
    • Orthotic insoles are shoe inserts that assist align the foot, particularly within the case of Bunions. Extra cushioning within the ft may also ease the Ache within the foot.
    • Foot pads, additionally known as Metatarsal pads, are significantly used to heal Ache as a consequence of Metatarsalgia. 
    • Use lotions or moisturizers for the foot as a type of therapeutic massage and softening callus progress. 
    • OTC painkillers equivalent to Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are generally taken when the Ache is insufferable.
  • Medical remedy:

    • To manage Steroid speedy progress of connective tissues, injections equivalent to corticosteroids are injected in circumstances of Heel spurs.
    • Medical shaving is a method carried out to shave off the accrued useless pores and skin layers on the underside foot, as seen within the case of corn.
    • Surgical procedure is the last word resort when dwelling cures and drugs don’t work. Your physician might advocate Surgical procedure in case you have any extreme situation, together with Plantar fasciitis, corn, heel spurs, and Metatarsalgia. 

When must you see a health care provider?

Sometimes, when feeling a sensation of Ache within the foot, it tends to subside upon relaxation and care. Nonetheless, if the Ache begins to worsen and utterly hinders your strolling and shifting sound, you need to contemplate looking for medical assist. Different causes which will require medical help are:

  • Lose sensation in your foot or numbness within the foot
  • Ache within the foot will get extreme
  • Fully unable to stroll 
  • Intense swelling within the foot
  • Diabetes or one other situation that has the potential to trigger nerve harm
  • Tingling or burning sensation within the backside foot
  • An open wound that’s not therapeutic

In search of medical assist offers the physician time to judge your scenario and advocate a direct remedy mode that may prevent from intense Ache.


How lengthy does foot ache final?

Ache within the backside foot brought on by a protracted day’s work or intense exercise can final up to a couple hours to someday, relying on the remaining your ft get. Nonetheless, if the Ache in your ft persists longer than just a few days, you need to contemplate consulting a health care provider, as there could also be an underlying trigger.

Can sneakers trigger Ache in backside of my foot?

Ailing-fitting or worn-out sneakers can contribute to foot ache. Put on snug, supportive sneakers that match properly and supply sufficient arch assist.

Are there any workouts I can do to alleviate Ache in backside foot?

Stretching and strengthening workouts for the foot and ankle may help to alleviate Ache and enhance flexibility. Seek the advice of with a bodily therapist or healthcare skilled to find out which workouts are applicable to your particular situation.

Can corn be handled with out Surgical procedure?

Corns are fashioned as a consequence of irregularities in shoe dimension and extreme put on and tear of the ft. It’s doable to heal corn by carrying socks/Cushing in your sneakers and never roaming barefoot, even at dwelling. Moreover, mattress relaxation over just a few weeks has proven to heal corn with out Surgical procedure.

What’s the quickest option to deal with bunions?

The quickest option to heal bunions is by Surgical procedure. Nonetheless, therapeutic an alignment challenge in your foot might be achieved naturally by carrying correct sneakers, foot pads, orthotic inserts, and a splint at evening to align the toe.

Conclusion –

Ache in backside foot can happen as a consequence of stress and trauma from train, bruising, or inherent genetic predisposition. Whereas foot ache might be healed with self-care and mattress relaxation, some circumstances might require medical help to be handled. You should definitely attain out to your physician in time to keep away from any delay which will worsen the Ache in your foot. Remedies are simply accessible; all that you must do is take note of your ft as they are going to lead you the place you need to go!


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