Home Remedies for Acidity – Cure Acid Reflux

Acidity results in varied different well being issues, and it’s higher to manage it at first acknowledged signs, earlier than going through dire penalties. There are a lot of house cures for acidity current to stop and management acidity by opting a wholesome way of life. We should always at all times keep in mind that prevention is best than remedy!

home remedies for acidity

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Residence Treatments for Acidity – Remedy Acid Reflux

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Consuming an extremely wealthy meal in some candy and spicy supper solely to discover a painful feeling. Sure, this burning sensation, referred to as acidity, is a typical challenge. Once we digest meals, our stomachs secrete acid. Throughout gastric acid excitation, the gastric glands produce acid.


  • 0:15 What’s acidity?
  • 0:28 How does acidity happens?
  • 1:13 What are the house cures for acidity?
  • 2:25 Therapy for acidity

To Keep away from Recurrence of Acidity

  1. Keep away from irregular and hurried meals
  2. Keep away from consuming junk and spicy meals
  3. Keep away from mendacity down instantly after consuming
  4. Drink a number of water
  5. Quit smoking and reduce down on alcohol
  6. Attempt some house cures which embody the consumption of lime juice, mint juice, watermelons, cucumbers, basil leaves, coconut water, and related meals which is both non-acidic or reduces the acid formation

The Medical Examinations for Acidity

  1. X-ray of the higher digestive system or Esophagram
  2. Endoscopy for inspecting the esophagus and abdomen
  3. Biopsy throughout endoscopy to examine samples of tissue for an infection or abnormalities
  4. Different Exams embody ambulatory acid (pH) probe check and esophageal motility check

Therapy Modalities Accessible:

One of the best ways to deal with acidity is by altering consuming habits and by consumption oral medicines which primarily embody antacids. If antacids don’t assist, Gastroenterologists prescribe some different medicine. Nonetheless, if not one of the drugs resolves the issue of acidity, the final resort is a surgical procedure referred to as Fundoplication.

Fundoplication Surgical procedure

Throughout Fundoplication surgical procedure, the higher curvy finish of the abdomen (the Fundus) is wrapped across the decrease finish of the esophagus and sewn into place in order that the decrease portion of the esophagus passes by means of a small tunnel of abdomen muscle. This surgical procedure strengthens the valve between the esophagus and abdomen (Decrease Esophageal Sphincter), which stops acid from simply backing up into the esophagus. This permits the esophagus to heal.

There are two methods to hold out this process. Via the stomach and thru the chest. The chest method is taken into account if an individual is chubby or has a brief esophagus.

This process is usually completed utilizing a laparoscopic surgical approach. Outcomes of the laparoscopic approach are finest when the surgical procedure is finished by a surgeon with expertise utilizing this process.

If an individual is affected by a Hiatal hernia, which might trigger Gastroesophageal Reflux Illness (GERD) Signs, it is going to even be repaired throughout this surgical procedure.

Issues in Administration

Antacids and different medicines prescribed for acidity might trigger diarrhea or constipation, particularly if overused. It’s advisable to make use of antacids that comprise each magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide which assist counteract these unintended effects.

Precautions Throughout Therapy

  1. Quit smoking and reduce down on alcohol
  2. Keep away from consuming junk and spicy meals
  3. Drink loads of water
  4. Keep away from irregular and hurried meals
  5. Keep away from mendacity down instantly after consuming

Food regimen within the case of Acidity

  1. A balanced eating regimen, which incorporates gentle and wholesome meals, is finest for the affected person.
  2. Consumption of non-acidic fruits, greens, coconut water, garlic, mint juice, natural tea, and related meals gadgets is advisable
  3. Rising the consumption of water helps tremendously.

Exercise throughout Acidity

  1. The affected person ought to train repeatedly and maintain a examine on their physique weight.
  2. Mustn’t lie down instantly after consuming. Sitting for some time or taking a stroll earlier than going to mattress is right.

The danger of an infection to different relations

Acidity shouldn’t be infectious. We solely must take precautions to keep away from recurrence.


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