Got kids? Master summer skin care

When selecting a bug spray, search for a product that lists DEET as an ingredient. It offers the broadest safety from ticks and different bugs. (For Spectrum Well being Beat)

When summer time hits, it’s time for teenagers to benefit from the outside.

Swimming in swimming pools. Exploring the woods. Tenting. Taking part in on the seaside. Working on the playground.

And that’s precisely what they need to be doing, though together with it comes the potential for insect bites, scrapes and rashes, in accordance with Angela Oostema, MD, a household drugs physician with Spectrum Well being Medical Group.

The commonest summer time pores and skin issues? Sunburn, poison ivy rash, insect bites and contaminated wounds.

“It’s necessary for folks to know that there are lots of circumstances that can resolve on their very own,” Dr. Oostema mentioned. “However in addition they shouldn’t downplay sure circumstances, corresponding to something that’s persistent or worsening, something that’s growing in measurement or inflicting entire physique signs. Then it’s necessary to name your physician.”

Listed here are Dr. Oostema’s ideas for stopping and treating uncomfortable pores and skin issues.


Dad and mom in the present day have many instruments to forestall sunburn in youngsters, and Dr. Oostema recommends benefiting from these. She reminds mother and father that the danger of pores and skin most cancers will increase over time, with repeated solar publicity.

“It’s necessary to have a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of not less than 30, however much more is healthier,” she mentioned. “One factor that may assist mother and father is to make use of long-sleeve rash guards and wide-brim hats for youngsters, as they normally have a UPF safety of fifty.

“The lighter the kid’s complexion, the upper the danger of sunburn. And we get involved about pores and skin most cancers down the street.”

SPF is the score used for sunscreen and UPF is the score used for clothes.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen protects in opposition to each UVA and UVB radiation. UVA rays penetrate deep into the pores and skin and are linked with pores and skin getting older, whereas UVB rays are those that create sunburn.

Additionally necessary: Reapply sunscreen each two to a few hours, and much more typically if the kid is sweating or swimming, Dr. Oostema mentioned.

She admits it may be a problem to persuade teenagers to solar safely. One argument which may assist: Inform teenagers that correct precautions can assist forestall untimely wrinkles.

“I don’t know anybody who desires these,” she mentioned.

In case your little one will get sunburned, extreme instances may cause blistering, she mentioned. Take care of these wounds by soothing them as a lot as doable with over-the-counter merchandise that cool or numb the pores and skin.

Some youngsters are additionally vulnerable to warmth rash in the summertime, Dr. Oostema mentioned. Totally different from sunburn, this happens when sweat glands get blocked and the moisture can not escape. It seems like small pink or pink bumps and is usually present in lined locations the place the pores and skin folds, corresponding to elbows, armpits, knees or thighs.

Athletic-style, moisture-wicking materials truly can contribute to the issue as a result of they hinder air move. She recommends cotton clothes to maintain youngsters as cool as doable, then rinse off within the bathe or tub after being within the warmth.

Poison ivy, poison oak

Avoiding pores and skin rashes from poison ivy or poison oak begins with instructing children at a younger age to establish the vegetation, Dr. Oostema mentioned.

Different guidelines can assist:

  • Keep on marked trails.
  • Put on lengthy pants and long-sleeved shirts within the woods.
  • Wash off when coming inside from locations the place you could have rubbed in opposition to vegetation.

Typically pores and skin irritation happens and it may be very uncomfortable for youngsters. Dad and mom can deal with gentle instances at dwelling with calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream.

In case your little one turns into extraordinarily uncomfortable, nonetheless, or if the rash isn’t bettering—or in case you see indicators of an infection—it’s time to name your physician, Dr. Oostema mentioned.

Your little one may want oral steroids or prescription topical ointments to deal with the rash.

Contaminated wounds

“Our pores and skin is an excellent protecting barrier for our our bodies, but when we get scuffed knees or a minimize, that enables the skin surroundings to return into contact with our our bodies,” Dr. Oostema mentioned.

Most children heal fantastic after they have a minimize or a scrape, however typically they’ll develop an infection.

First, examine to verify there’s no overseas materials within the wound. Then, wash and deal with it with an anti-bacterial ointment. Bacitracin is Dr. Oostema’s favourite.

Lastly, monitor the wound.

“Particularly with warmth and sweat, micro organism can multiply,” she mentioned. “Search for indicators of pores and skin an infection.”

This contains redness, heat, tenderness and pus or drainage. She additionally recommends mother and father mark the perimeter of the pink space with a pen to see if it’s getting worse or bettering.

When unsure, name the physician.

Insect bites

Bees. Wasps. Mosquitoes. Ticks. Spiders.

Time outside means your little one runs the danger of getting bitten or stung—and so they could find yourself with a painful or itchy welt.

In case your little one is in ache on the time of the chew, it’s in all probability a stinging insect of some type.

Dr. Oostema first recommends ensuring there’s no stinger remaining within the pores and skin. Then, apply a cool compress. Wash the world and apply calamine lotion or topical Benadryl.

Additionally look ahead to indicators of a extreme allergic response referred to as anaphylaxis. Signs of anaphylaxis can embody a rash or hives, airway swelling or issue respiration. Dr. Oostema mentioned lesser-known signs embody stomach ache and nausea.

“Dad and mom know their little one and may inform when one thing is off,” she mentioned. “Should you suspect an anaphylactic response, it’s essential act rapidly and get assist instantly.”

If the response stays native across the chew, look ahead to the indicators of an infection.

“I don’t need mother and father to ever really feel like they’re overreacting in any manner with a considerable amount of redness or irritation,” she mentioned.

Tick bites current an entire different problem—the specter of Lyme illness.

First, Dr. Oostema recommends mother and father analysis photos of ticks and know the distinction between deer ticks—which might unfold Lyme illness—and canine ticks or different ticks.

Second, take preventive measures, corresponding to having all your loved ones members put on long-sleeved shirts and lengthy pants within the woods. Third, examine your self, your youngsters and your pets when coming inside.

Should you discover a tick connected to the pores and skin, use a tweezer to take away it.

“Don’t apply quite a lot of stress,” she mentioned. “You wish to keep away from squeezing the tick as a lot as doable.”

Elevate up and take away the complete tick.

“In the event that they haven’t been connected for greater than 36 hours, there may be much less of an opportunity of Lyme illness,” she mentioned.

Name your physician in case you assume the tick has been connected greater than a day or two, as a result of the physician could decide to prescribe antibiotics as a precaution. It have to be performed inside 72 hours of tick removing, Dr. Oostema mentioned.

Should you discover the tell-tale goal rash, name your physician instantly, she mentioned.

Earlier than heading outdoors in the summertime, ensure you’re armed with bug spray that comprises DEET, Dr. Oostema mentioned. Sprays which have DEET are secure for teenagers and so they present the broadest safety from ticks and bugs.

Get your children outdoors to benefit from the summer time, however take sensible precautions to guard their pores and skin. And when unsure, name your physician, Dr. Oostema mentioned.

“Dad and mom ought to all the time keep in mind they’ll all the time name us. We love our households and we’re all the time right here for them.”


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